Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What the world needs now ...

Another knitting blog. Right. But here I am anyway, eager to join that fraternity of knitting bloggers I've been reading and loving and being inspired by, intimidated by, amused by, overwhelmed by, and touched by for well over a year now.

I have noticed that some people in this community are squeamish about seeing non-knitting (e.g. political, social, political, related to other arts, and political) content on what purports to be a knitting blog. If you're reading this and happen to be one of those people, my words to you are this: get over it. (Let's for now gloss over the fact that I am already imagining that someone, somewhere, at some time, might actually read this thing.) This is my blog, after all. I can -- within the rules of blogger and the bounds of technology -- do what I want with it. I'm not going to try to define what that will be at this jumping off point, but I will say I'm a reasonably monogomous and a reasonably slow knitter. If we relied on my knitting output to fill this blog, let's just say content would be thin on the ground.

A word about the title: I daydreamed about this for a long time. Once I so much as toyed with the idea of having a blog, I began to think about a name for it. "Knitting out loud" is, on one level, a simple handle for what the act of writing a blog about knitting is. But it's also meant to convey something else. It's the name dreamed up by someone who has traveled a really, really long journey to begin to let her voice out, and who is still on that road; someone who is an actor and, against all odds, a voice over artist, and has even been a singer. It took me years (and years) to begin to admit that I might be entitled to be an actor, to use my voice, years to acknowledge that I might even have something to say (I'm still not so sure about that last part). Without being too grand about it, this is another step along that path. Finally, I know from startling experience the importance and the power of finding your true voice and using it. "Knitting out loud" is meant to be a reference to that -- a little note out in the blogosphere that doing anything out loud has power!


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