Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Is it just me, or ...

I assure you I have no illusions about my technical savvy and computer know-how. I have none. I actually thought for a moment that a side benefit of starting a blog might be learning a little of the technical wizardry that seems to come so easily to other mortals, yet perpetually eludes me. But then I remembered it's me we're talking about here and set that little fantasy aside. So when, after several fruitless tries, I proved unable to accomplish a task as simple as uploading a few photos I was sure that: 1) There was some absurdly obvious step I was overlooking that even a five-year-old child could spot that was preventing me from uploading my photos; 2) The forcefield that surrounds my house arbitrarily and sporadically preventing any piece of technology from functioning as promised was in full force; or, most likely, 3) It was just me. Imagine my delight, then, when I discovered that group trouble shooting discussions on blogger revealed I was not alone! Untold numbers of people were experiencing the same problem!! (What the heck, imagine my delight at even figuring out that such a group existed. I may be a few megabites short of a full memory in the computer realm, but I know when to be grateful!). It's not you, this seemed to imply; you're not a complete idiot! You're actually doing everything right! Just wait, and in time the problem will correct itself (or rather be corrected by the wiser, more talented folk who work at blogger). However, time has passed and still no photos for me. WTF?


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