Thursday, June 01, 2006

Je suis fou

Last week, I did something that completely defies my already crumbling facade of sanity. I purchased a knitting magazine. What, you ask, could possibly be crazy about a knitter buying a knitting magazine? Allow me to explain ...

I'm making every effort at the moment to transition my life out of ho-hum money making in stupid jobs to really great money making in ways that I can feel good about (acting, voice overs, audiobooks...). At the same time, life seems to be making every effort to get me to go completely broke before I succeed in making any real change. So I really don't have the extra money to spend on knitting patterns, let alone the yarn to knit them up.

This endeavor to change my life has also left me critically short on time. That is, with little or no time to finish the projects I'm already knitting, start any of the mountain of other project ideas I have lurking around, or least of all start a completely new project from a completely new source.

Finally, this is a Phildar pattern. As such, it is written completely in French. I don't speak French. I know exactly one knitting term in French: tricoter. You think that's gonna get me through this rather intricate looking pattern? Now, there is a boy in the picture. Let's call him Monsieur I. M. I is fluent in French. However, as I have just learned, he is fluent in speaking and listening to French -- not reading it! Anyway, as wonderfully diverse as M. I's intelligence and interests are -- and they are!!! -- I hardly think he'd recognize a lot of French knitting terms, spoken or otherwise.

But, you see, there was this scarf on Yarnageddon's blog, and, well, you've probably seen it, and I just had to, didn't I?

Having plonked down my seven point something euros, I waited breathlessly for the catalog to arrive. And arrive it did!

In a plain brown wrapper -- how apropos.

While awaiting this much anticipated arrival, I'd looked up any Phildar references I could find and learned that their patterns are noted for being quite clear, with wonderful charts and measurements for everything. Great! There might be hope!! After ripping off the plain brown wrapper, I found this:

Great charts, yes, but with the terms (duh!) in French. I've scoured the web for translations of yarn-related French, and I don't want to be hasty but it's looking like "bride," a pretty common term in this pattern, is actually a term in crochet.

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