Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Knitting? What knitting?

Knitting progress? I got nothin'. So I've distracted myself with taking pictures of the poppies I have in my backyard. They make me so happy!

Can't go wrong with pictures of flowers, right?

I do, however, have a knitting dilemma. My version of the Annie Modesitt silk corset has, in my imagination at least, a lovely, gradual fading of plain ecru cotton into pale desert colored silk in the lace pattern at the bottom. Something that creates the effect of a dip-dyed fabric or, better yet, silk saturated by the incoming waves of some gentle, magical, multi-hued sea that follows vaguely along with the up-and-down pattern of the lace. Doing this, however, means obscuring the lace pattern with all the yarns I'm carrying over in the back. (I know, I know, had I thought this through I would have realized that. But my imagination is much better at the magical than the practical). What to do, what to do? So far, I'm going ahead with the plan, but hastening the graduation of cotton to silk. And if it doesn't work? I've already knit, unknit and re-knit this pattern so many times. What's one more round? Pass the cocktails ...


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