Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm a Loser, Baby

I am a loser blogger. Totally admitted up front. The frustrating thing is, I actually have so much to blog about at the moment! Including knitting content!! Even finished projects! (No, not the corset top -- don't be silly). But I never seem to be in the right place lately. Literally, not metaphorically. I'm at the latest ridiculous temp job, I'm running from a meeting about Weird Sisters films to a meeting about some TV projects I've become involved in, I'm at Monsieur I's place.

Today, I'm all over the place. Metaphorically, not literally. Well, maybe literally too. So until I can get to a place where I can post coherent content (well, as coherent as it gets around here, you know) and pictures of my latest fiber-related adventures, I direct your attention to the following:

The inimitable Yarn Harlot has this to say about writing. Could it be more true? Or more beautifully expressed? I think not. As an actor, I can relate to her post on a wholly different level, for great acting, which at its best looks like and indeed is great play, requires an unimaginable level of work, wasting time, and all kinds of stuff you generally want to avoid to get there.

And this, the lovely and Enchanting Juno's post of several days ago. I was first drawn to the ee cummings quote in the sidebar (note the relevance to the Harlot's post!) and then was roused by this post. Sign me up to live in that world!


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