Saturday, June 24, 2006

Remembering Jennie

A couple of posts back, I mentioned having had a difficult week. The real difficulty of that week was the sadness of my parents' having to put their dog, Jennie, to sleep. It was the right thing, and she didn't suffer at all, but none of that makes it any less sad. I never lived with Jennie -- my parents got her as a wee puppy long after my brother and I were both out of the house -- but she was, nonetheless, the family dog.

I know everyone thinks their dog is special, but Jennie truly was an extraordinary animal. Even the vet cried at her passing, and my brave parents, who were both with her and holding her as she left this world, received cards and flowers from neighbors and friends who knew Jennie. People who didn't like or were afraid of dogs cast all that aside and fell in love when they met Jennie. And, no matter how much love we all showered on her (and we did!) it will never come close to approaching the amount of love she gave to each of us.

This is Jennie in an uncharacteristically dignified and ladylike pose. In truth, she was a puppy to the last.

Jennie will be so, so sorely missed.


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