Friday, July 28, 2006


Take that title as you will; it's true in every sense. These little beauties - if I do say so myself - are winging their way to the Brockton, MA, WIC program even as I type. They better be - they're meant to get there for the first week of August. In a smart little program first devised by a woman called Jeanne who runs a program promoting breast-feeding to low income families in California, and adopted by Ilena who is running a similar program in Massachusetts, and eloquently described by the Harlot here, fruit and veg hats donated by knitters all over North America -- maybe farther; who knows? -- will be distributed at events sponsored by the MA and CA WIC offices. So my little hats will be gracing the heads of toddlers in Brockton, MA! One of the greatest things about being part of the knit blogging community is having opportunities to do something positive continually dropped in your lap. Not to mention the inspiration derived from reading about the wonderful things other bloggers and friends of bloggers are inventing, creating, organizing, and doing to increase the balance of good in the world. I feel supremely lucky to have been able to do something so simple and send these little hats off to Ilena. Besides it was fun -- and I actually completed a project. Two! Nothing like a deadline for a good cause to light a fire under your needles. For the record, the photos don't do justice to the colors. The 'eggplant' is a true purple, and the 'pineapple,' whose top spikes I made uneven in an attempt to make it look more organic, is a pale gold and deep olive that, in spite of being totally factually inaccurate, actually manages to perfectly evoke a pineapple. IM(not so)HO.

And because Eris was gracious and patient enough to model the produce (perhaps it would be closer to the truth to say 'too sleepy to object'), I simply must post her pics.



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