Friday, August 04, 2006

Into Temptation

This Saturday I will be doing one of the somewhat odd, but also oddly satisfying, actorly things I do. I will stand in a small, windowless booth making my human English fit the cartoon lip-flaps of a character that originally spoke Japanese. It's called dubbing, and no matter how crazy it gets (and it does), there is always joy to be found for me when I'm in a vo booth, not to mention the little flutter of excitement that comes with the wide-open possibilities when you remove your own visual from acting and can create anything -- anything! -- with your voice. I've voiced everything from angst-y teenage girls to wicked witches to young boys to a stoner-type ghost's assistant to a robot having an emotional breakdown.

The reason this particular session makes it to the blog, however, is that I will be doing it just down the street from here. And the lovely producer/director who is smart enough to have his studio down the street from the store with the notorious "yarn bus" pays actors on the spot. Talk about dangerous: the first time I'm going to make it to Flying Fingers I'll have a hot little check in my hands, and I'm feeling yarn starved! I plan to bring one or two patterns with me, things I've been wanting to make, things that require relatively small amounts of yarn (!), in an attempt to give myself at least a focal point. Ah, yarn, it's been so long -- be still my beating heart!!


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