Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is It Just Me?

I seem to be the only person knitting Icarus who is not ready to do themselves in out of sheer boredom. I'm beginning the 4th repeat of chart one and I assure you I have not even once been tempted to stab the needles into my eyes to bring an early end to the seemingly endless sameness of it all. Perhaps I'm simple-minded (okay, it's a pretty safe bet that, smart though I may be in some ways, I am pretty darn simple in other ways), but I'm thoroughly enjoying creating the bulk of this shawl. The yarn-overs and decreases that create the lovely, branching openwork in the body of the shawl are just enough, thank you, to keep me happy, and I love that I can remember what's going on without having to refer to the pattern every three stitches. Am I missing something? Is the real boredom liying in wait for me in charts two, three and four? I'd like to add beading, too. Is that just going to ratchet up the craziness factor? We'll see.

We'll also see pictures soon -- I just have to be home long enough to take some and upload them. As well as a change in this template -- as soon as I get brave enough.


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