Wednesday, October 25, 2006

As if by magic

Yesterday, as I was obsessing about designing the perfect sweater coat and actually making it in time to wear before it goes the way of the poncho, a friend of mine (who's having a bit of a hard time) came by to stay with me for a few days. Somewhere in our meandering evening conversation I told her about my obsession, and she, grasping my arm with a bright look in her wide blue eyes, said, "I have something for you!" Out of her suitcase she pulled a yummy, cream-colored, perfectly cozy sweater coat. After wiping the drool off my chin, I said, "I can't! It's your coat! You packed it! You're wearing it!" "I haven't worn that coat in two years," she replied. "When I was putting it in my bag I thought 'why am I packing this?' Well, now I know why."

So -- I have a lovely new sweater coat to wear now (and I do mean now -- I'm wearing it today) and the luxury of taking as much time as I want to thoughtfully create the perfect pattern for a funky, bulky yarn, mini-skirt-length, cozy cabled French je'n sais quoi sweater coat. Magic!


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