Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Back in Black

Or blue, in this case. As I mentioned in passing a couple of posts ago, Icarus has been giving me a hard time. I would start row 11 of chart 2, everything would be going along swimmingly, I'd hit the center section and nothing would make sense. So, I'd rip back, figuring I must have made a mistake along the way, and start over, and get ... exactly the same results. When I'd repeated this process enough times to make me feel like a complete idiot (more times than you might think, thanks for asking), I pretty much just stopped working on it. I hoped, I suppose, that I'd find time to sit quietly with it in a well-lit, comfortable spot (as opposed to the bus, the subway, or the last few minutes of the day when I've had a glass or two of wine and really should be thinking about nothing but sleep) to examine what was going on and solve the conundrum. Yeah, wishful thinking that.

Until ... on my way to look for yarns for the two holiday gifts I want to make (I swear I'm keeping holiday knitting to a bare minimum this year), I stumbled across a promising looking bead store. There I found the perfect tiny, pale pink fresh water pearls to bead the shawl, at a low-down bargain price, too. Inspired by this new booty, I picked up the shawl again over the weekend. Still can't really tell what happened, but it's working now -- I'm nearing the end of chart two.

As for the holiday gift yarn -- I didn't find anything at that first store. Why is it I always go there? I hope to uncover some treasure trove, but never find anything I can really use. Later that day and farther downtown, however, I found the perfect raspberry-and-cream pink yarn for socks for one friend, and a delicious dark olive yarn that will become another pair of the fingerless opera gloves -- by special request!


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