Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Trip

It was unbelievably great. Oddly, however, there was no knitting. None. Really. Not one stitch. In its stead there was a flurry of embroidery. The fleur de lys trimmed pillowcases for M. Y were finished the morning of his birthday, in the American Airlines terminal at LAX, and delivered to him that evening. Of course there are no photos. Who, me? Take a photo of an fo?

Instead, I will grace the blog with this eye candy:

Pictures from just one of the idyllic spots I visited on my three-day romp around LA. This is a self realization center on Sunset Boulevard just a little bit inland from PCH, and the pictures do not even begin to convey how richly, astonishingly, soothingly beautiful it is.

If you think knitting in public provokes odd reactions (and I have to say in my case, living in New York, everybody's over it; nobody really notices anymore; but I understand in some places they still do) clearly has not embroidered in public. I was in airports, on planes, at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn in North Hollywood working up these cunning little gold-trimmed fleur de lys, each in a different shade of blue, and I could feel the pressure of eyes on me at all times. It was crazy. Almost like no one dared say anything, yet could not tear their eyes away, and certainly couldn't figure out exactly what it was I was doing. One delightful exception: the beautiful young hip waitress at the bar in the hotel who brought tea to my outdoor table and immediately gushed, "are you doing cross-stitch?!" Turns out cross stitch and needlepoint are her thing.

I returned to a veritable ski slope on the stairs to my garden apartment (aka basement apt). If it weren't for the exceptionally kind man who offered to hand me down my suitcase if I could get myself down the stairs who waited patiently while I hacked my way, step by precarious step, through the ice and snow with only the heels of my little black flats, I'd still be standing out on the street shivering with my carry-on luggage sitting forlornly beside me. I was only gone Thursday to Sunday; what'd y'all do while I was away?

Now that I'm back, and pouring myself into the next projects, a screenplay reading and the return of Flashback, I've taken up the Rebecca wrap with sleeves again and am thrilled by how soft and luxurious the soft green GGH yarn is, and their version of fisherman's rib is just about a quarter step above completely mindless knitting -- just what I need these days!


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