Monday, March 05, 2007

Saved by the Soft Kid

It's a sorry comment on the current state of my mind that I forgot I actually had a project started just before I dove into my manic knitting of Rose Red, the sweater I was determined to have for February (I did, btw, have it for February -- just!). I was just under a foot into the Rebecca Wrap with Sleeves, which I've been wanting to make since I got back into knitting (ahem-grf-hm) years ago, and noticing a couple of mistakes that had me considering a major trip to the pond that shall remain nameless (but no doubt has a bunch of lily pads). I knew then that if I packed the wrap away while working on Rose Red I'd be much more ready to frog away and start from scratch when I got back to it. It's a sorry comment on the current state of my apartment that actually just putting the thing in a bag on my desk was apparently enough not just to let me feel it had been temporarily "packed away," but, indeed, to enable me to forget about it completely. It was only after I'd sent off my tax packet and moved a couple of sheafs of paper over the weekend that I rediscovered it, patiently waiting, exactly the perfect project to replenish my knitting mojo. No wonder no other project seemed like the right thing to knit! I was actually looking for this; I just didn't know it.

Here it is, mostly frogged, in its pleasantly haunting shade of pale, misty green (the pictures are so not true to the color). I'd dreaded the frogging process, as I was sure this cotton candy confection of a yarn would either make it impossible to unknit or would disintegrate in the process, but it's not nearly as hard as I'd feared and the yarn is holding up remarkably well. I think it took me so long to start in the first place because I was intimidated by the yarn -- ok, the price of the yarn which adds up pretty quickly for a project of this size. I'd spent years on the lookout for a cheaper alternative, only to become convinced that Soft Kid was the only real choice. Nothing else was both beautiful enough and soft enough to make a wrap with sleeves worth knitting! Thanks to the generosity of my oh-so-sweet brother, though, a gift certificate to my favorite LYS made the whole thing much more manageable.

I'm just a few rips away from a fresh start on a beautiful project that I may actually indulge my perfectionist tendencies on -- oh, yeah, she says that now, but talk to me in two weeks ....


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