Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Plunging In

I have grave hesitations about buying yarn online. How can you possibly spend money on a yarn you can't feel, handle and, most importantly, without seeing the actual, in-person color of the yarn, how it looks in different lights and, if it's for you, how it looks against your skin and how it makes you look! "Wool of the Andes" for a buck ninety-nine at Knit Picks got me over that block. But it didn't prevent me from agonizing for a week or so about whether or not to order a color card. One of my hesitations about that was the amount of time it would take, but, I tell you, I could have ordered, received and perused the card in the amount of time I've spent dithering about it.

Anyway, I just bit the bullet. A modified Tubey, with the longer, more fitted and flared sleeves of Snow White, will be mine in Wool of the Andes in cranberry. I was going for a deep garnet, and cranberry won out over iron ore, which I've no doubt would be beautiful, but I think, judging as well as one can by computer (and believe me I've checked these colors on as many different computers as I could in an attempt to overcome the vaguaries of technology when it comes to rendering color), I believe the cranberry will give me the better balance of depth with ruby-esque spark. I want to look like I'm wearing a jewel. I want to look like Snow White. And I really want to cast on for a new, biggish project that's for me!


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