Friday, November 24, 2006

Icarus Interrupted

Progress on Icarus has been interrupted by several things, chief among them my two (so far still only two, but I'm wavering) holiday present projects:

Yes, there's wine and chocolate there and a recipe on the computer. I said the gloves and socks were the chief interruption.

Another happy interruption? Getting this little one:

To her new home here:

Mikah (aka Mikeleh, aka Meeks, aka Meeksy) turned up in my backyard looking very much like a kitty who was very used to being in a nice, cozy home. It makes me so happy to know she's no longer out in the cold and wet but back in a warm, hospitable and loving home (avec M. I, no less -- lucky kitty cat!).

Think she looks at home?

There was also a pre-Thanksgiving trip to Cape Cod earlier this month, where there was art in Provincetown!

Sadly, housekeeping is not one of the things interrupting Icarus. No photos here. I wouldn't do that to you.

Of course, there's always the lovely local kitty cat too:


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