Thursday, March 01, 2007


It's not that I haven't been knitting; it's just that I haven't been doing it "out loud." There have been a awful lot of these around lately:

Chez Monsieur Y, anyway, which is where my camera's been. However, most of them have now moved on to happy, loving homes (this one:

almost had a repeat visit, but I think it's all worked out now) and the camera has come home to me. Somehow, I just didn't feel like blogging without the camera.

Last night, however, there was a little ripple with the aforesaid M. Y which, this being the very nadir of winter as far as I'm concerned and me being me, in my inimitable way (let's hope it's inimitable, for your sakes), I was able to turn into a tsunami. What better time to return to blogging? And crafting.

There was also a bit of a snag, if you will, in the knitting. I finished this:

(You can't really see the garent-y red of it here; if there's one thing I am happy with in this sweater, it's the jewel-red tone)

A modified tubey inspired by the lovely Ysolda's ruby red sweater. Since calling it Snow White would be a sad and shameless rip off, I will opt for: Rose Red. Does anyone out there remember that fairytale? Snow White and Rose Red? I sometimes feel like I'm the only one left among the living who knows about it. Anyway, I finished Rose Red and found myself only sort of happy with it, hardly over the moon (in spite of much anticipation, let me tell you), but unwilling to do any modifications and at a loss as to what to begin next. Lots of projects beckoning, but none resonating. I should have recognized that as a symptom of a deeper inner turmoil. At any rate, cruising the blogs today has hatched a whacky idea: ripples. Why not? I mean, I don't know how to crochet, but why not? Ok, it may be the cat, I admit. She does look a little bit like Eris. At any rate, I'm going to troll through my own stash this evening (a somewhat limited stash, honestly!) and see what inspires. Maybe there'll also be a little Knitpicks order. Hmmm .....

Over the coming days & weeks: catch up, in which a review of completed projects and a preview of anticipated projects will proceed apace.


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