Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Can See for Miles and Miles

And what I see is ...
Fisherman's rib. Am I bored? No way. Totally in love. So soothing; so beautiful; so comforting. And my anticipation of wearing this warm, yet gossamer wrap is that it will be even more comforting than the knitting of it. My only frustration: it's become a little bit too unweildy to be a good travel knit. Especially because it's the perfect travel knit in every other way!

The other knit I'm seeing these days is this:

(Trust me it doesn't look as blurry to me as it does to you.) The beginnings of a plain knit sock from Knitting Vintage Socks in a deeply gorgeous turquoise blue. In fact, the blue is coming off on my fingers and needles. I'd heard about that phenom before, but never seen it up close and personal. This is just the teeniest bit boring. I wanted to do a slightly fancier, funkier design, but that oceanic blue is for M. Y. and M. Y. loves the plain, plain sock. Sigh. Don't know if he knows what a gesture of love it is to stick to the pure stockinette!