Friday, November 24, 2006

Icarus Interrupted

Progress on Icarus has been interrupted by several things, chief among them my two (so far still only two, but I'm wavering) holiday present projects:

Yes, there's wine and chocolate there and a recipe on the computer. I said the gloves and socks were the chief interruption.

Another happy interruption? Getting this little one:

To her new home here:

Mikah (aka Mikeleh, aka Meeks, aka Meeksy) turned up in my backyard looking very much like a kitty who was very used to being in a nice, cozy home. It makes me so happy to know she's no longer out in the cold and wet but back in a warm, hospitable and loving home (avec M. I, no less -- lucky kitty cat!).

Think she looks at home?

There was also a pre-Thanksgiving trip to Cape Cod earlier this month, where there was art in Provincetown!

Sadly, housekeeping is not one of the things interrupting Icarus. No photos here. I wouldn't do that to you.

Of course, there's always the lovely local kitty cat too:

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I heart "Reds"

Intelligent, rebellious characters who care nothing for the ways of the world and instead listen to their own hearts and spirits; sweeping historical drama; the passions of worlwide revolution; Cape Cod landscapes; Diane Keaton wearing really cool period clothes that somehow look so right on her I always want to dress like a 19th c bohemian and/or a Russian revolutionary for weeks after; and a blissful three hours of knitting! Equivalent for me to one arm of an entrelac lace opera length glove. Yum.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Words I Never Thought I'd Say

I had such a pleasant time swatching last night. I know. I can't believe it either, but perhaps when you see the yarn it'll make more sense.

If you could feel it, you would understand completely: perfectly scrumptious Art Yarns Ultramerino. Mmmm. One half of what's in the mix for hoiday presents.

The pale, delicious raspberry cream will be socks for a friend and the olive green Zara a pair of fingerless opera gloves for another friend -- by special request. Yeah, I never get tired of saying that! It's a uniquely satisfying feeling to have someone ask you to make them something that you've designed and that they saw you wearing.

Meanwhile, Icarus continues apace. Well, it continues. On to chart three -- woohoo!