Saturday, December 30, 2006

Holiday knit fits

I actually finished all my designated holiday knits! Ok, so I finished solstice knits the night before the solstice and Christmas knits on Christmas eve, and it helped immeasurably that I strictly limited myself on the number of knitted gifts, but still ... I did it! A perfectly charming pair of "Simply Lovely Lace Socks" from Interweave in a delicious raspberries 'n cream shade of Artyarns Ultramerino, a gorgeous-if-I-do-say-so-myself pair of fingerless opera gloves in a martini-olive green Zara cleverly trimmed to match the neck warmer the recipient got last year, and a cozy/chunky pair of socks in -- mostly -- a slightly-off-Tiffany-blue cashmerino with toes in a very natural, lanolin-heavy oatmeal colored yarn (I was running out of cashmerino and didn't have time to go back to the lys**, but the oatmeal yarn made the socks even cooler). What didn't I do? TAKE PICTURES. So, last year I buy myself this semi-fancy and, for me, very expensive, very nice digital camera just so I can chronicle my knitting. And what do I do? Give away all knitted items without taking a single shot. Sheesh.

Ah, well. The recipients are all happy. And my holiday haul included Knitting Vintage Socks, Amazing Crochet Lace and Sew U. So presumably there'll be future projects to take pictures of and even, just maybe, grace the blog.

** That lys? Brooklyn General Store which has moved to a bigger, better, and just as convenient location across the street from its first home. And oh, my, is it ever better -- more yarn, plus fantastic vintage fabrics, ribbons, all kinds of goodies. Can't wait to go spending some holiday booty there.

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Problem with Being Poor Is It Takes Up All of Your Time

That quote from Willem de Kooning has, sadly, been a truism of my life of late. However, I am committed to changing that in a significant and lasting way. Hear that universe? I'm putting it out there. Money is such a complex issue for so many of us and, though I'm really not sure why that is or should be, I'm doing all the work necessary to uncover and transform my own issues around the gilt. Wish me luck.

So that is one reason for the dearth of entries on my blog recently. The other is a happier and, yet, an ironic reason. When I started this I thought having a regular place to record my knitting history and deposit my thoughts on any and all topics would give me practice writing. I'm not sure why I thought that, since I am not overtly interested in being a "writer," but be that as it may that was the idea. Since then, a friend of mine who is an independent television producer asked if I would collaborate on a project with her. A few months later, lo and behold, I'm writing so much with her on this project that I don't have time to post. Reminds me of when I took a job years ago in the music industry (yeah, back when there used to be a music industry). As an actor I thought, "Great! I'll learn something about the business side of entertainment, but I won't go crazy being around all these projects I'm not in and all these people who are doing what I want to do. I mean, it's not like I'm in a band!" Not two years later I was fronting a band, playing all the local venues, and even co-writing songs. Hah.

But this is a much pleasanter development. The project is exciting, my partner is amazing, and we're getting reinforcement.

There is actually lots of knitting going on! And even a little sewing. If I really get it together over the weekend, there will be pictures to come....